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Featured painting: Surf and Turf (with monkshood garnish)

Original watercolor by Cathy Ledeker

(pick axe head, shell & monkshood foliage)

A play on the extravagant American dish, this painting depicts unlikely and indelible pairings. Monkshood is actually lethally poisonous and grows in profusion behind The Studios at Bristol. The pick axe head is a relic from Creede’s early mining days (turf) and the shell collected from an East Coast beach (surf). Yet in this composition, these three disparate objects relate to and even complement one another. Evoking thoughts of mountain lore, nature and the surprise discovery of compatible differences—this painting offers a bit of “food for thought”.

Prints available at BONEYARD Studio & Gallery or order online


At The Studios at Bristol (719) 658-0121

39542 HWY 149 (mile marker 39.5, between Creede and Lake City) - Creede, CO 81130

Open June thru September

Summer Hours: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday

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