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Tommyknockers are small mischievous creatures said to haunt the mines of Creede.  They are especially known for stealing the miners’ lunch boxes and tools, but on occasion can dispense help and wisdom to the locals.  Tommyknockers possess a deep knowledge of the mountains and the hidden mines and mazes tunneled within them.  Here Digs is lecturing about the amethyst chunk he’s holding and its connection to a secret mine rich in silver but also found afire with the holy grail - a very rare and large vein of pure gold!  Holy Moses!



Archival Limited Edition Print

Signed and numbered by the artist

Image Size: 19 x 11

Paper Size: 23 x 15


Diggs McCalister, Tommyknocker

SKU: ILL01-02
  • For optimal preservation, this archival print should be framed using acid free matting and UV preservation glass and displayed away from fluorescent or direct sunlight. Avoid high humidity and hang or store at normal room temperature.


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