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Artist's Statement


Love in Paradox

What if gravity is fear?

As a child asleep, I dreamt of flying.  For years.  That running start and awkward lateral leap into air —  low parallel flying.  Night after night, terrified I would fall, but mysteriously compelled to keep trying … to roof top ... to treetop … into clouds … above clouds.  Gradually I began flying during the day — daydreaming.  I got better at it.  Now, at 70, I have skills.  I can fly really fast and high and even deep into space, and yes, getting off the ground is still scary.


So what does flying have to do with this body of watercolors?  The subjects in these meditative paintings are metaphors and symbols for serious human worries — survival, religion, money, health, lust, integrity, war, addiction, cruelty, judgement, love, beauty, success, failure, compassion, aging, death, life.  You know, all the stuff we regular folks can’t escape and go crazy over.  But guess what I have discovered — that despite all the worries, I can still fly!  In fact I think I may need to existentially push against the fears to spring past gravity.  These paintings are my explorations into a universe beyond time and gravity.


My studio is small and home to many spirits — beautiful papers, luscious paints, sable brushes, weathered bones, rusted iron tools, rocks, jewels, shell fragments, worlds of books.  These treasures tell me their stories.  My job is to listen and to muster enough faith to open the door of fear - step through - liftoff and fly free, with no particular destination.


In these paintings you can share my adventures, the questions I’ve pondered and truths I’ve glimpsed.  If you’re afraid to trust, or your worries are just too heavy, or you’re simply a curious cat, take my hand and we’ll leap together — my treat.

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