• Cathy Ledeker

Featured Painting: West Watching

Updated: Feb 18

Original Watercolor

(chipmunk, mountain rocks & wildflowers, alpine grasses & wild strawberries)

When the wind quickens high in the Rockies and clouds suddenly cover the sun, excitement instantly begins brewing in the sky and on the ground. The air is heavy and electric with portent of the coming storm, stirring sensations of memory and impending power. Here all things (animal, vegetable and mineral) face west, frozen in motion, witness to change and sensing the coming threat. All will forever watch with intense anticipation, that which we, the viewers, will never see.

At The Studios at Bristol (719) 658-0121

39542 HWY 149 (mile marker 39.5, between Creede and Lake City) - Creede, CO 81130

Summer Hours: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday


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